This visa is for foreigners, who travel to a third country via Russia.

Usually it is enough to present visa to the country of destination and copy of your travel documents (tickets via Russia) to apply for it. Visa to the country of destination is not required for the citizens of this country and for those foreigners who can enter this country without a visa.

Prices for transit visas are usually low, and it is not very difficult to obtain it.

As for the period of validity, transit visa is usually issued for 3 days. It is implied that usually transit visas are for people who need to change flights while in Russia and such travelers are allowed to stay at the place of flight change for not more than 3 days. However, if you choose another transport means, the term of visa can be longer.

For example, when traveling by train from Moscow to Vyborg, you can be given a visa for 1 day, to Sochi, Novorossijsk for 3 days, to Zabajkalsk for 5 days, to Nakhodka - for 8 days.

When traveling by car, you will get a visa for the term calculated in the following way: the full distance of your travel will be divided by 500 km. For example if you need to drive 3000 km, you can get a visa for 6 days.

Maximum period of validity of a transit visa is 10 days.

Note: if you are on a direct flight through the territory of Russia or travel by international airline and change flights in the same airport within 24 hours, you do not need a visa.

To get professional advice and/or help regarding this type of visa from an authorized Russian travel agent in your country please click here.

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