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Tourist visa can be obtained on the basis of an invitation from a tourist agency, registered with the Department of Consular Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to the Russian law, or on the basis of a hotel confirmation.

Tourist visas are issued for a period for up to 30 days, and most often up to 14 days. They usually have just one entry and cannot be extended while in Russia!

A double entry tourist visa can sometimes be obtained in case if a foreign citizen travels to Russia, then to a neighboring CIS country, then back to Russia, and only after that to a third country. A double entry tourist visa cannot be issued for two separate trips to Russia with a return travel to the home country in between. Total period of validity of a double entry tourist visa cannot extend 30 days.

Tourist Invitation from Hotel in Russia

The hotel issuing an invitation should also be registered with corresponding authority and have its own “tourist reference number”. Hotels issue invitations only for the period pre-booked, and Russian tourist visas cannot be extended while in Russia. Usually it is safer to order a tourist invitation at a travel agency. Tourist visas are not issued on the basis of a confirmation of hotel reservation, unless the hotel has its own tourist reference number.

Here are some hotels in Moscow that can issue invitations on their own behalf:

Balchug Kempinski Moscow
Best Western Art Hotel
Holiday Inn
Iris Hotel

Tourist Invitation from an Agency in Russia

If your hotel cannot provide official invitation or you are planning to stay with your friends or relatives instead, a Russian travel agency can issue a voucher for you.

A travel agency must have a special tourist reference number at the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and at the Russian Consulates/Embassies abroad to issue an invitation.

A tourist invitation should contain two parts: confirmation and a tourist voucher. Confirmation has a standard form and should look like this:

Sample (T Conf).gif

Tourist voucher does not have a standardized form and can look different. It should contain number of the voucher, name of the sponsoring organization, its address and reference data; personal data of the tourist, dates of entry and exit from Russia, detailed description of the tourist services provided and information about payment for the tourist services. Tourist voucher should be stamped and signed.

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Choosing Your Travel Agency in Russia or Abroad

Although tourist visa is considered to be the easiest one to get and travel with, it is important to choose the agency that can provide registration of your visa in Russia and advice and/or help in exceptional cases. Tourist visa is a short one and the sponsoring company will have to be able to act quickly and professionally.

We recommend using the services of recognized agents only, the best ones are listed in our Section Useful Links.

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