If anything happened to your documents while in Russia, you need to contact your sponsoring organization immediately.

This is the party that is officially responsible for your stay in Russia and has officially provided guarantees. By the Russian laws, only this organization can settle your visa problems with corresponding institutions, most often - the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Please take a note that the process of solving problems with the Ministry of Internal Affairs usually takes a rather long time, even if your sponsoring organization is highly professional. If your visa sponsor is not experienced in dealing with extraordinary situation, you risk to pay endless fines, lose your time, nerves and money and even be deported.

Important: Please make sure to choose the agency that can provide registration of your visa in Russia and advice and/or help in exceptional cases. Your sponsoring company will be the party to whom you trust your wellbeing and safety in Russia! We recommend using the services of recognized agents only, listed in our Section Useful Links.

Problems can be various, and there are various answers in each situation. Nevertheless, you should now what measures to take if you have lost your visa or put it into your washing machine, were late for your plane, or your documents were stolen.

In all cases described above you will need to get an Exit Visa from Russia.

If your case is different from those described above, please see our FAQ section or apply to our Visa Helpdesk for advice and/or help. We will do our best to help you.

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