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Russian Visa Requirements

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PVU of Moscow changed the rules for Russian visa registration

Effective January 26, 2004 foreign citizens should present the following documents to register their Russian tourist or business visa in Moscow:
  • Registration Application Form completed and signed by the foreign citizen (see attached)
  • Passport and visa
  • Migration card (with an entry stamp)
  • A permission from landowner for a foreign citizen to stay and get registered in his/her apartment. Permission should be signed by all other family members of the full legal age, who reside and are registered in the appartment. Permission should be authorized by the passport office of local DEZ or REU (see attached)
Multiple entry business visas for 1 year are registered for 6 months only. Foreign citizens with 1-year business visas will have to leave Russia after the first 6 months spent in the country. Registration is to be renewed after foreign citizens reenter Russia.
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