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More control will be imposed on foreigners staying in Russia

More than 5 million of foreign citizens currently staying on the territory of Russia do not have appropriate legal status and practise various business activities, often breaking the Russian laws. This data was provided today by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Alexander Chekalin, during his speech in the State Duma. On the other hand, says Chekalin, Russia is in need of voluntary migrants because of continuing decrease in population.

Illegal immigrants are mostly of Chinese and Vietnamese origin, and also those from the former republics of the Soviet Union. Southern and central regions of Russia are overpopulated with these. In this connection the Deputy Minister noted the importance of planning migration processes and sending migrants to the regions in the need of economic development.

The priority of the Federal Migration Service of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia is defined as creating conditions for "realizing foreigners' potential in the interests of Russia". Thus, starting from February 2003, more than 8 millions of migration cards were issued in the check points across the Russian border.

At the same time, about 33,000 crimes are yearly commited by the foreigners, especially in the regions overpopulated with illegal migrants. In this connection, the policy of imposing more control on foreign citiens entering Russia. Nowadays 114 immigration check points detain from 10,000 to 16,000 immigrants, arriving with improperly issued documents or with actual purposes of visit in noncomformity with those officially declared.

The Deputy Minister also spoke in favour of creating a global federal system of recording foreigners arriving to Russia, as "no official department can now give the exact number of foreigners staying in Russia and the purpose of their visit". Chekalin said, that the Ministry of Inferior Affairs has already started to create a centralised bank of the foreign citizens and stateless persons, temporarily staying in Russia

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