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Russian Visa Requirements

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Sexually transmitted diseases can become a reason for denying entry to Russia

The amendments to the recently adopted Amendments to the Federal Law "On Entry and Exit from the Russian Federation" contains lists of mandatory and possible denial of entry.

A foreigner will be denied entry if:

  • has been convicted of a serious crime in Russia
  • lacks medical insurance
  • is deemed a threat to state security or previously hindered Russia's ability to defend state security
  • has been deported or expelled from Russia. In such a case a foreigner cannot return for five years after being thrown out
  • is considered a risk to public order or public health. Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov last week signed off on a list of diseases that can be considered a reason for refusing work permits and temporary or permanent residency permits. The list of deseases include HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and chlamydia. However, this rule will not be enforced until the final decision of the Health Ministry on the procedure of implementing this new rule.
  • is on a Russian blacklist. Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov signed an order this week naming the government agencies authorized to decide who goes on the blacklist. They are the Federal Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Financial Monitoring Committee and the Interior, Defense, Foreign, Health and Justice ministries
  • doesn't have sufficient funds to support himself and pay for his departure from Russia. Since November 1, 2002, all Russian sponsoring companies should provide guarantee of payment for living, medical and deportation costs for foreign citizens invited, in case such a payment is needed.
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