Please check the departure date on your visa before buying your tickets. You cannot exit Russia after the departure date mentioned on your visa and won't be let out of Russia by the passport control. If this happens to you, you will have to stay in Russia (losing your tickets) and try to get an exit visa. You may inquire how "easy" and "pleasant" the process is here.
  • Before leaving for the airport make sure you have your migration card with you. It must be presented at the passport control and will be kept by the officer. Next time you will have fill in a new migration card. Lacking a migration card won't prevent you from leaving Russia - but might very well prevent from entering it again! [ more >> ]
  • Arrival/Departure Card should be stamped by the officer. If you have a single entry visa, the officer will take the card away. If you have a double or multiple entry, you will keep the Card for your future visits.
  • Your passport should also be stamped with the so-called "exit-stamp". The arrow after the date should look to the right, outwards the date.

    Example of Stamp

  • Important: if you have problems at the customs, try to contact your sponsor immediately! Recognized companies will provide you with emergency number. If you are unable to contact your visa sponsor, try to solve the problems with the Consular Department of the airport, if it has one.
    How to find Consular Department in Sheremetievo International Airport:
    Second floor, left side, tel. +7-495-961-3871

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