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Russian Visa Requirements

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How to Get a Russian Visa?

Any complicated process is done easier when divided into steps. We recommend you follow the procedure described in this section so that no hurry or hassle interferes into your trip to our beautiful country.

Step 1

Choose the type of the Russian visa you would like to have. You may look through the full description of different Russian visas available in our section Visa Types or use the scheme below to determine the type of visa you need. It is possible that the type of your visa will be different from the exact purpose of your trip.

You need
a transit visa!

You need
a tourist visa!

You need
a business
entry visa!

You need
a business
entry visa!

You need
a business
entry visa!

You need
a private visa!

Step 2

Get an invitation for the type of the Russian visa you have chosen.

Getting an invitation most usually comes to choosing an agency you will be dealing with. There are quite many travel organizations ready to provide you with Russian visa support. Let your primary objective be not only the lowest price!

Before placing your order please make sure that the agency you choose:

1. Can be easily contacted (provides its address and valid phone number)
2. Has experience of at least several years of work with Russian visas.
3. Will be able to provide you with registration in the city where you will be staying.
4. Will be able to help you in exceptional cases.

Your sponsoring organization should be able to provide you with professional advice and/or help whatever happens! We recommend using only well-known orgaizations mentioned in our Useful Links Section.

Step 3

Get the Russian visa itself from a Russian Embassy/Consulate abroad.

If you have enough time and persistence to apply for your Russian visa by yourself, please see our Section At the Consulate.

If you don't feel like standing in the queue, you may apply for help to an authorized Russian travel agent in your country. We guarantee that the agents listed have proved to be the best in their field thanks to their expertise and experience.

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