If you have lost a visa...

If you were late for the plane...
If you were delayed by illness...
If you put your visa into washing machine...
If your visa was stolen...
If your visa expired...

You will have to get an exit visa.

The process should be started immediately. Getting an exit visa will take your time, nerves and money, but not getting it on time will mean a risk of deportation.

Step 1

Contact your visa sponsor immediately. Your visa sponsor, not you, will go to Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and petition for your exit visa on your behalf.

Step 2

Collect all the necessary documents.

1. If you lost your visa or your visa was stolen, you need to get a confirmation of this from the local police department. For the sake of economy of time we recommend saying you lost your visa, otherwise a criminal case will be started. This confirmation or "spravka" is issued by the police station, which is responsible for the territory where the accident happened.
2. Make passport-size photos - you'll need one for the exit visa itself and several for your passport if you have lost it.
3. You can get a new passport only at the consulate of your native state. Contact them immediately to settle this issue.
4. If you stayed in Russia due to your illness get a paper from your hospital that you weren't able to leave Russia until the departure date mentioned on your visa.
5. Get a travel ticket with a fixed departure date. An ordinary exit visa is issued for that particular date and is valid only for exit from Russia and only for that date.

If your visa was spoiled or expired due to other reasons, please consult your sponsoring organization. See also our FAQ Section or contact our Visa Helpdesk for advice. We recommend you not allow your visa expire due to unsufficient reasons, as this can mean deportation and putting you on the "black list" (what's this?) and not letting you into Russia ever again.

Important: make sure you have copies of your visa, invitation to Russia, passport and migration card.

Step 3

Submit your documents to your visa sponsor. The visa sponsor should present to Passport and Visa Service if the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

  • your passport
  • one passport-size photo (only matte photos are accepted!)
  • travel ticket with a fixed departure date
  • letter of request
  • confirmation of paying the police fine for breaking the visa regime
  • confirmation of paying the state fee

    Step 4

    Get your exit visa (sometimes the process may take up to a business week) and make sure you leave on the mentioned date. Breaking the law once again will ultimately spoil your reputation in the eyes of PVS and you can be put onto the "black list" (what's this?).

    Important: Please make sure to choose the agency that can provide advice and/or help in exceptional cases like this. Your sponsoring company will be the party to whom you trust your wellbeing and safety in Russia! We recommend using the services of recognized agents only, listed in our Section Useful Links.

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