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Russian Visa Requirements

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At the Consulate

In this section we have tried our best to provide you with the most full and up-to-date information, but Russian Consulates and Embassies tend to have their own ways and their own fees. That is why the most important step in obtaining your Russian visa is to locate your nearest Russian Embassy/Consulate and contact them to obtain the

Necessary Information or the Four "P"

1. Processing period of a Russian visa and the amount of Consulate fee
2. Possible ways of submitting your documents (mail, personal, etc)
3. Package of the necessary documents
4. Payment methods available (credit card, bank transfer, cash, etc)

Prepare all the Documents

1. Invitation to Russia

Invitation to Russia is required for all common types of visa but the transit one. Below we list types of invitations required for obtaining the most common Russian visas.

Type of Visa
Type of Invitation
Corresponding Authority
Tourist Confirmation and Voucher
(Who can help?)

Sample (T Conf).gif
A Russian travel agency properly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and possessing a valid "tour reference" number. Make sure you are dealing with a reliable travel agency which can provide you with registration and provide other support services when you arrive to Russia.
Business Invitation
(Who can help?)

Local department of Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for paper invitations or Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for telexes.
Sponsoring organization should be officially registered with PVU to apply for an invitation (according to the new Federal law from Nov 1, 2002)
Private Invitation
(the so-called "izveschenie')
Local department of Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - PVU, OVIR, etc. Allow 4-6 weeks for approval and get the original invitation to apply to the Russian Consulate/Embassy.
No invitation is required.
Present your travel tickets and visa to the country of destination.
Please take a note that a letter from your friends or business partners cannot be regarded as official support documentation valid for obtaining a visa to Russia.

2. Consulate Application Form

As with all other visa related documents, it is important to avoid confusions and contradictions with other documentation. One of the most common reasons for rejecting an application is nonconformity to the purpose of visit to Russia of the documents supplied.

Please make sure to mention correct data for your sponsoring organization and the purpose of visit which exactly corresponds to your invitation!

The latest consulate application form is available on the Russian Consulate website in that country where you plan to apply for your visa. Please fill it in, print it out, sign it and send it with other required paperwork. Contact details of the Russian Consulates are here.

3. Passport

Important! Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond intended stay!

4. Photo

The usual size required is 3 x 4 cm or 1,5 x 2 inches. From 1 to 3 photos can be required depending on the Russian Embassy/Consulate.

Submit the Documents

For some types of visas and for citizens of certain countries additional documents can be required.
Please see our FAQ section to find out if you will need to supply:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Work or Residence Permit
  • HIV Certificate
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Russia
  • Other documents.

    Pay the Consular Fee

    Consular fees vary greatly from one Consulate to another. Please contact your nearest Russian Embassy/Consulate to find out the exact amount and available methods of payment.

    Note: Sometimes it can be very difficult to contact the Consulate itself due to its short business hours.
    We recommend contacting an authorized Russian travel agent in your country who can always provide up-to-date information or help with obtaining the visa itself.
    We guarantee that the agents listed have proved to be the best in their field thanks to their expertise and experience.

    Get the Visa and Other Visa Relating Documents from the Consulate

    Besides the visa you will get from the Consulate a two part Arrival/Departure card which is preseted to passport control authorities once you cross the Russian border. To avoid losing this card please staple it into your passport.
    Note: If you have a multiple-entry visa make sure to make enough copies for numerous border crossings.

    Important: If you are processing your visa through an authorized Russian travel agent, you are likely to receive copy of your invitation, copy of your tourist voucher, information on how to register your visa, contacts of your sponsoring company. Please keep all the documents you receive from your agency for the whole period of your stay in Russia. (Why do I need it?)

    Check your Visa

    And better check it twice. Make sure that all the information is correct before leaving the Consulate, as this is the only authority which can make amendments. No mistakes in your visa can be corrected after you have arrived to Russia!

    A visa mistake can lead to:
  • problems when entering Russia
  • refusal to enter Russia
  • probems with registering your visa in Russia
  • fines by police
  • deportation or return trip earlier than you planned - and at your own expense!

    See our Section How to Read Your Russian Visa to make sure everything is correct!
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